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NOTE: I am currently working on a big site update, so am a little behind replying to emails regarding new business listings, events, etc. I will get back to you as soon as I can! Thanks.

I am a mom of two boys in Madison. My husband and I moved to Madison in the fall of 2000, and so when we had our first son in early 2003 we found ourselves without any family near, no friends who had children, and no idea what there was to do with small children in the area. So, in the summer of 2005 I decided to create a site to give all of us a central location to find places to go, things to do, links, information, articles, local businesses, resources to meet other moms and more. Madison is a decent town for families, you just need to know where to look. And building a community of moms while we are at it is not a bad idea.

Moms in Madison is constantly expanding and I hope to continue to grow it as my own children grow. The yahoo group for this website continues to grow and we amazingly now have OVER 1000 members! It is a great way to meet other area moms.

I myself generally am an AP (attachment parenting) mom, so my parenting links and resources will be in that vein. Everyone finds the parenting style that fits their family, and matches the needs of their children and AP/natural/gentle parenting has worked for us.

If you have links and resources to peaceful and positive websites, local businesses, service providers or stores, please them to me!

Enjoy, and come back often - this site will be constantly updated.

Moms in Madison
[email protected]


This website is currently a labor of love and I receive no pay for the creation of or maintenance of this site, and all listings are free. In the future I may be expanding to include paid directory upgrades to include featured placement, logos, and web pages as well as advertising opportunities which will be above and beyond all of the free basic listings. If you would like information on these other opportunities as they become available, please and I will put you on my list! Thanks.



What is Attachment Parenting?

API states that Attachment Parenting is a philosophy based in the practice of nurturing parenting practices that create strong emotional bonds, also known as secure attachment, between the infant and parent(s). This style of parenting encourages responsiveness to the infant or child's emotional needs, and develops trust that their emotional needs will be met. As a result, this strong attachment helps the child develop secure, empathic, peaceful, and enduring relationships.

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