For moms of children 0-5 in the Madison, WI area.

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Infant Massage, West Madison - You're never too young to start enjoying the benefits of a good massage - and who better to give you one than mommy or daddy! Lighthouse Healing teaches parents how to care for their babies with infant massage. It's a wonderful way to take an active role in the well being of your children, helping them lead happy healthy lives. New classes form every month: Sundays @ 10 am OR Mondays @ 7 pm. $80 per family for 4 classes (approximately 75 minutes each). 1 bottle of baby-safe oil and instruction manual are included. Contact Kara @ 608-216-6761 or for more info and to register. Or visit:

Baby Massage @ Happy Bambino -Enjoy the rich benefits of touch as you and your baby relax. A wonderful way to express your love and stimulate healthy growth and development. Enhance confidence and deepen sensitivity to your baby’s communication cues. Massage creates a special time for fathers!

Infant Massage @ MBC - Infant massage is a wonderful way to express your love while stimulating the healthy growth and development of your baby. Deepen your understanding of baby’s communication cues and learn effective strategies to soothe. Enjoy the rich benefits of touch, the essential nutrient, and experience a sense of community with other parents.

Yaz is used for preventing pregnancy. You can always buy yaz without prescription in one of our reliable online shops. Its active ingredient is Drospirenone Ethinyl.

Mother Baby Hour - Mother Baby Hour is a time for first-time moms and their babies to get together to ask questions, express concerns, learn about resources and share stories. A Community Educator facilitates the group and offers a weekly topic (such as sleeping, feeding or traveling with baby). Join us as early as the first week after your baby is born. Meriter has a MBH for 0-3, 3-6, 6-9 months. Times and days are updated frequently on their website. PP, Unity and Group Health all reimburse all or part of the fee. (although 0-3 is free). To register, call (608) 267-5900 before attending your first session.

Happy Bambino. Free parenting classes, workshops and support groups. Topics include pregnancy, cloth diapers, breastfeeding, compassionate parenting, attachment parenting, parenting multiples, parenting without a partner, stay at home dads, young parents, and more. Call (608) 204-6147. 2045 Atwood Avenue.

Return to Work While Breastfeeding class @ Meriter - Lactation experts offer support and advice to help you continue breastfeeding after you resume your career. Learn pumping options, equipment, collection, storage and introducing a bottle. Babies and support persons are welcome. Class participants will receive a discount on breastfeeding supplies from Meriter. Attend approximately three weeks before returning to work.

BreastfeedingMadison.comn - Family owned and operated for 5 years. We offer breastfeeding help including personalized classes and home visits, sales and rentals of hospital grade breast pumps, and more! Contact Sue Morrison, IBCLC at 221-2141.

Promoting Breastmilk Supply @ MBC - Designed for women planning on returning to work or school while breastfeeding. This class will help mothers develop an individualized plan for pumping, discuss milk storage and review different types of breast pumps.

Cloth Diaper 101-Have you considered using cloth diapers? Are you sure you want to use cloth but are confused by all the options? Do you want to know more about washing and using cloth diapers? This free workshop is for you! We'll discuss the benfits of using cloth diapers, washing your own diapers & using a diaper service, and how to use cloth diapers. Then we'll show you the different cloth diaper products and how to use each. If you decide to buy cloth diapers, we'll help you come up with a system to match your budget. This workshop is a great tool to help you wade through the options. FREE!

LaLeche League. Mother-to-mother education, support, and encouragement for women who want to breastfeed. Babies welcome. Various days and locations within Madison. Free Breastfeeding Helpline 827-5530, staffed 7 days a week.
LLL of Madison - city
LLL International- international

La leche league Groups in Madison:

Please call a Leader the night before to verify time, location, and for directions.

East AM group @ 10:00 am, every 2nd Wednesday
Jeannie 839-5821 Lindsay 242-9009 Melanie 236-0875

East PM group @ 6:30 pm, every 3rd Monday NEW LOCATION!
Laurel 226-0856 Adria 278-8879

West AM group, 10:00 am, every 3rd Tuesday
Adria 278-8879 Fran 441-0119

West PM group, 7:00 pm, every 4th Tuesday
Sue 221-2141 Deb 824-8822

Verona 5:30 pm, every 2nd Thursday
Fran 441-0119 Heather 845-1328

Multiples 10:45-12:15, various Fridays
For women pregnant with or mothers of multiples.
Kay 258-8368


other support groups

Wee-Life Parents
This Madison area non-profit organization provides support for families of preemies and high risk infants (a greater possibility with multiple births). Has a lending library, preemie clothing and an equipment lending program. Free monthly newsletter. Contact: Debbie Yapp, Founder, P.O. Box 193, Lodi WI 53555; phone (608) 592-4648.



make your own baby wipes

2 cups water
1 tbsp baby shampoo
1 tbsp baby oil

Mix together in a wipes container and then cut a roll of absorbent paper towels in half - put the towels in the container, turn it over and let it soak in for a half hour or so. Alternate version: Use cut up flannel or terry cloth pieces (washable) instead of paper towels.

baby links

Diaper Service
Mother Nature's Diaper Service

Baby Wearing
Nine In Nine Out

Natural & Attachment Parenting Sites
Ask Dr. Sears
Kelly Mom
Natural Family Online

Reading List>> - Family owned and operated for 5 years. We offer breastfeeding help including personalized classes and home visits, sales and rentals of hospital grade breast pumps, and more! Contact Sue Morrison, IBCLC at 221-2141.