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Verban Massage and Body Therapy. Dave Verban, WCMT, offers therapeutic massage to adults of all ages. He has a special outcall massage designed for couples and parents of young children: "Massage After Bedtime." For many parents of younger children, getting away for a massage may involve a challenging set of logistics. And by the time you've arranged to get away, you're too pooped to even leave the house.

Dave will bring his massage to your home, after the kids are in bed. He brings his table, all the supplies, you simply provide enough space to set up and go to work. No need to get a sitter, or coordinate schedules with your spouse or partner. You don't have to miss the kids' bedtime. You don't have to head out in the cold and drive home afterward, when all you really want is a warm bath and bed. And best of all, both parents can get a massage in the same evening. When he does 2 or more massages in a single visit, the rate is only $60 per hour. (No spouse, no problem - invite a friend over!)

Amethyst Dreams Thai Massage - Julia Rymut offers Thai yoga massage to women and children. Need rejuvenation? Overworked? Stressed and can't slow down? Thai massage is your answer. Thai Yoga Massage is an ancient type of massage which combines soft, rhythmic compressions with passive, yoga-like stretches. It is done on a mat on the floor. You wear loose, comfortable clothes. The compressions are gentle and comforting--sometimes people tell me they feel like a big cat walking up their legs. The atmosphere is quiet and soothing. After your massage, you'll feel like a new woman, ready to go back to mothering!

Mention that you saw me from this website, and I will give a special introductory rate of $25 off your first massage.

Amethyst Dreams Thai Massage :: Julia Rymut - Massage Room at Madison Pilates
1001 Whitney Way 608-278-9160

Holistic Pre and Post-Natal Support & Treatment for Moms
Adametz Organic Health Care: Acupuncture, Aromatherapy, Chinese Medicine, Yoga Mentoring
715 Hill St Madison, WI 53705
Email: Website:
Phone for Appointment: 608-577-YOGA (9642)

Holistic approaches to morning sickness, headaches, back pain, mood swings, hemorrhoids, general aches and pains, an overall healthy pregnancy and life. My specialty is women's emotional and physical issues, we can work with whatever the illness, whatever your goal. Each session includes comprehensive intake, including reading of tongue and pulse. Treatments are multifaceted, and aromatherapy is included in most any session. Receive amazing, energizing results, with no negative side effects. $10 off an initial session with this ad

offer CranioSacral Therapy - Relaxing Relief for Moms and Children!
Body Therapy-Complete
2026 Adderbury Lane , Madison , WI 53711 608-232-0096
Email: .;

CranioSacral Therapy (CST) is gentle healing bodywork for all ages. It especially helps moms and babies recover from birth and assists with post-partum depression symptoms and rebalancing the body and emotions. CST helps during pregnancy then aids babies who are irritable, have colic or other digestive conditions. It can assist the sucking reflex and help heal failure to thrive, head shape, ears and sleep problems. Relieve headaches and stress. Heal injuries, surgery, back and muscle aches, TMJ problems, pain from braces and retainers, learning problems and more! Call or email Karen Hoyem, NCTMB, Certified CranioSacral Therapist, WI Bodyworker 1689- 046 for $10 off an introductory hour session with this ad

Belly: Massage for Mamas-To-Be
Katie Gletty-Syoen, CMT, NCBTMB
237 North St., Madison, WI 53704 phone: 608-225-0103
email: or visit online:

Katie is a Certified Pre and Perinatal Massage Therapist who operates Belly: Massage for Mamas-to-be, and specializes in massage therapy for women in the childbearing year. Katie works with pregnant mamas to relieve stress on joints, enhance blood flow to both mama and baby, increase flexibility and range of motion, ease muscle tension and pain, prepare for labor and birth, and promote deep relaxation.

Postpartum massage helps to restore the body to a pre-pregnancy state, while renewing energy, and promoting relaxation. Moms can receive postpartum massage in the office or in the comfort of their homes, where Katie includes the new baby in the massage session too. WI License No. 3883-046

Changing Woman - Theraputis massage for the childbearing year. Deep Tissue, Tuina, Swedish. Shawnee Parsil, MS, CCE. 608-577-8650

Body Harmony Massage Therapy - Massage & body therapties, and acupuncture.For pregnancy, labor and postpartum to ease stress on joints, relieve neck and back pain, and to minimize general body aches. Improves flexibility and posture. Enhances blood flow to mother and baby and promotes easier labor and delivery. Postpartum massage can then help restore the body to its pre-pregnant condition. 237 North Street, Madison, WI 53704 (608) 241-4060


Bluestem Acupuncture - Kelly Hora M.Ac. C.Ac. Dipl.Ac (Wisconsin and National Board Certified) (608) 335-7311

Kelly offers family-centered holistic care for children and adults. Specializing in mental and emotional wellness, women's health, stress relief, chronic conditions, and preventative care. Acupuncture is excellent preventative medicine and can also help improve existing conditions. Each session is individually tailored to meet your needs and offered in a relaxing and collaborative setting.

Isthmus Acupuncture Center, LLC - wellness center providing acupunture, massage, acupressure, custom Chinese herbal formulas, nutritional counseling, and nutritional supplements. Our wellness team includes:
Certified acupuncturists
Chinese herbalists
Certified massage therapists
Reiki master
Attentive receptionists
Talented administrative assistants
Located at : 600 Williamson Madison, WI (608)441-WELL (9355)


Human Nature - Nutrition, Yoga, Naturopathy
2158 Atwood Ave, Ste 105, Madison, WI 53704
Katy Wallace, ND CNHP RYT
Terri Klas, RN ND CNHP
Naomi Boldon, Herbalist

Resolve your family's health problems through choosing different foods to eat. Human Nature specializes in the healing aspects of foods. We help moms, dads, and kids resolve chronic health concerns with individualized nutrition programs including food, herbs, and vitamins. We offer economical holistic health solutions in classes and private consultations. We also offer personalized yoga routines, classes, and reiki for internal rejuvenation.
Mention this ad and receive $15 off your first private consultation.

Dr. Nancy Gutknecht, naturopathic physician. Health is not merely the absence of disease or pain, but a state of mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and social well-being. Toward this end, my practice is not simply health-oriented, but rather life-style oriented. Services including Clinical Nutrition, Homeopathy, Hydrotherapy, Botanical Medicine, Supervized Cleansing, & Lifestyle Counseling/Stress Management. 608.238-6004 or email

Keyena McKenzie, N.D.- Naturopathic physician specializing in the
provision of wholistic care for women and children. Services offered at the following locations:

>>Full Circle Health
< >
>>Group Health Cooperative
Department of Complementary Medicine
8202 Excelsior Drive
Madison, WI 53744
>>Madison Birth Center
6720 Frank Lloyd Wright Ave.
Middleton, WI 5356

wellness | varied services

Holistic Pre and Post-Natal Support & Treatment for Moms
Adametz Organic Health Care: Acupuncture, Aromatherapy, Chinese Medicine, Yoga Mentoring
715 Hill St  Madison, WI 53705
Email: Website:
Phone for Appointment: 608-577-YOGA (9642)

Holistic approaches to morning sickness, headaches, back pain, mood swings, hemorrhoids, general aches and pains, an overall healthy pregnancy and life.  My specialty is women's emotional and physical issues, we can work with whatever the illness, whatever your goal.  Each session includes comprehensive intake, including reading of tongue and pulse.  Treatments are multifaceted, and aromatherapy is included in most any session.  Receive amazing, energizing results, with no negative side effects.    $10 off an initial session with this ad

Well Within offers services that support multiple dimensions of health - physical, mental, emotional & spiritual well-being. We partner with you, and support you in creating your own unique wellness plan, whether for prevention or illness care. Classes and individual services are offered in a collaborative, nurturing environment designed to foster greater self-awareness through joyful & creative living. We offer support to be Well Within through movement, energywork, bodywork, diet, spiritual growth, and community. You can select from teen, adult, and family yoga classes, and private sessions of acupuncture, massage, herbal, nutritional, and other healing therapies.
15 Hill Street, Ste. 130 • Madison, WI 53705 • (608)236-9138

Body In Balance offers a wide variety of therapies for you to choose from including Massage, CranioSacral Therapy, Myofascial Release, Somatic Movement Therapy, LaStone®, Aromatherapy, Raindrop therapy, Reiki, Shiatsu, Reflexology & Chair Massage. 6333 Odana Rd. Madison, WI 53719

UW Integrative Family Medicine
Odana Atrium Clinic 5618 Odana Rd. Madison,WI 53719 Phone: (608) 274-1100

For more information about our programs, call (608) 262-WELL (262-9355).

What is Integrative Medicine?
Integrative Medicine is healing-oriented medicine that honors the whole person (body, mind, spirit, and interconnection), including all aspects of lifestyle. It emphasizes the therapeutic relationship and makes use of all appropriate therapies, both conventional and alternative.

Integrative Medicine specialists at UW Health in Madison, Wisconsin, offer services that draw from both conventional and complementary medicine. Dedicated to helping you achieve your highest potential for wellness, we have a healing-oriented philosophy that focuses on less invasive therapies to help remove barriers that may be blocking the body's ability to heal. a full-spectrum Family Medicine practice is located at the Odana Atrium Clinic, and consults are seen at the Research Park Clinic.


Dr. Julie Qualle, DC, MT - Dr. Julie Qualle is a chiropractor and massage therapist providing wholistic treatment to all who are in need. As a doula and homebirther, Julie has a special connection with the children in and around Madison. She has helped many of them cope better with teething pain, ear aches and infections, constipation, and allergy elimination. Julie also helps parents and babies address the real issues behind diagnoses of colic, reflux, and difficult breastfeeding. Julie is specially trained to work with children on the autism spectrum, and has worked for years as a play therapist in addition to her role as facilitator of natural healing. Moms can enjoy more comfortable pregnancies, closer breastfeeding relationships, more active days and restful nights with chiropractic and massage.

Julie believes that healthy living is the right of all people, regardless of insurance or wealth status. She believes in fair and equal treatment through bartering, trading, and honest communication of need. Julie practices on the Northeast side of Madison, and will also travel. Babies are always welcome and always free of charge! Please call 608-445-2603 or email .

Dr. Amy Erin Anderson, D.I.C.C.P.
Bakke Chiropractic

312 East North Street DeForest, WI 53532

Dr. Amy has been practicing in the Madison area for over ten years. She is a 1997 Palmer College of Chiropractic graduate and earned her Diplomate in Chiropractic Pediatrics/Pregnancy from the International Chiropractic Association in 2005. The Diplomate is a three-year post-doctoral program that educates chiropractors to be specialists in treating pregnant women and children of all ages. She also has training in craniosacral therapy through the Upledger Institute. Many issues that women deal with in pregnancy can be helped with chiropractic and craniosacral therapy. These include back pain, sciatica, headaches, reflux, and breech or other malposition of the baby (Webster breech protocol). Infants benefit from care for conditions such as colic, ear infections, breastfeeding difficulties, reflux, and constipation. Children are often treated for sports injuries, constipation, bed-wetting, and headaches. Please visit to view research regarding chiropractic. Bakke Chiropractic is well established and is a provider for Dean Care HMO, Unity HMO, and Badger Care. We are also preferred providers for many insurance plans. DeForest is a short 10 minute drive from the East Side, with easy access from HWY 90/94. Call (608) 846-3337 or e-mail to discuss your or your family's health needs. Consultations are always at no charge!

Dahl Family Chiropractic is a family oriented health and wellness office. Dr. Ann Marie B. Dahl has completed year one of the International Chiropractic Association's (ICA) three year pediatric diplomat. At Dahl Family Chiropractic family always comes first. When you walk through our office doors you will be greeted by Dr. Ann Marie's husband, Alf-Harald, and their young son, Thomas. Together we care for each and every person that walks through our door as if you are a part of our family. Dr. Ann Marie has been in practice for two years. During that time she has worked with several midwives to provide natural and safe care for the mother and newborn. Over the past two years Dr. Ann Marie has presented topics on natural ways to enhance the pregnancy and the natural benefits of breastfeeding to La Leche League, interested parents and health care professionals. Many of the childhood concerns, such as ear infections, colic, growing pains, asthma, and allergies are often due to stress within the nervous system from the birthing process and learning to crawl and walk. Through nutritional support and chiropractic adjustments the extra stimulation due to stress on the nervous system can be removed. To find out more about enhancing your health and wellness please visit us at our website or free feel to call or email Dr. Ann Marie at or 608-829-0074.

Dahl Family Chiropractic- 6626 Mineral Point Rd. Madison, WI 53705 Phone 608-829-0074

Renewed Life Chiropractic - "Live Your Best Life, Naturally"
Obstetrics - Pediatrics - Preventive Wellness - Crisis Care
720 Hill St. #200, Madison, WI
Centrally located across from the Quarry Arts building, behind Whole Foods, off University Avenue
Phone: 214-202-8330 or 608-233-7750
Email: [email protected]

Insurance provider for: WPS and Alliance, BadgerCare or any point of service insurance (out-of-network benefit). Sorry, Dr. Heather is not currently in-network with any HMO.

Click here on testimonials to read testimonials on Dr. Heather's web site.
Renewed Life Chiropractic - "Live Your Best Life, Naturally"
Phone: 214-202-8330 or 608-233-7750

Discover Family Chiropractic - Family-focused chiropractic clinic on Monona Drive. Offering prenatal, pediatric, and family care in a warm, relaxed setting. Dr. Melissa Murphy 608-663-8809

Fenske Holistic Healthcare Center
7600 Terrace Avenue Suite 102 Middleton, WI 53562 608-836-8883
Dr. Nicole Fenske is a certified clinical nutritionist as well as a holistic chiropractor. Her emphasis is on women's health care, digestion problems, hormone imbalances, fatigue, allergies and pain. She also has a large pediatric practice and do both chiropractic and nutrition with children. Lower pricing for children.

physical therapy

Elaina Bluman, PT offers home and community based Pediatric Physical Therapy services after ten years of practice. She uses sensory and motor based interventions to treat children with motor delays, poor balance, coordination, and visuo-motor skills in addition to children with attention, regulation and organizational issues. Elaina is certified in Therapeutic Listening, Neuro-Developmental Treatment and Infant and Toddler Massage Instruction. She uses yoga techniques as well to improve body awareness, strengthen, stretch and improve sequencing and organizational skills. Contact Elaina at (608) 554-0054 or at .

Capitol Physical Therapy specializes in physical therapy for new moms, moms-to-be, and orthopedic and sports injuries in active moms of all ages. We are located in The MAC Sport Center in Verona, WI (just off Hwy M) and our clinicians have advanced training in the treatment of common and unique pregnancy and post-partum conditions including back pain, pelvic pain, tailbone pain, incontinence, and pain with intercourse. In addition, our core PTs have a combined 17 years of experience treating orthopedic injuries common in women such as knee pain, plantar fasciitis, shoulder pain, and SIJoint dysfunction. Call today to schedule an appointment (608.848.6628). See our clinician bio's online at

Riverplace Dental - Dr. Laura Tills is a graduate of the University of Iowa, and spent her first four years after school working to serve an under-served population through the National Health Service Corps in St. Louis. While she enjoys all aspects of general dentistry, Dr. Tills especially enjoys working with children. I feel so fortunate to be providing dental care in a time when most procedures can be virtually painless. Most children actually enjoy coming to the dental office! In her spare time, Dr. Tills is enjoying getting to know the Madison area with her husband and son, Sam. 604 River Place Drive, Monona Wi 53716 Phone: 608-222-9142

child/family - other needs

Common Threads is a non-profit organization that provides support to children with a variety of learning, behavioral, emotional, and sensory needs. Services that are provided include:

-A therapeutic play facility built on an inclusion model
-A licensed Psychologist and Mental Health Clinicians, Board Certified and licensed Art, Dance/Movement, and Music Therapist
-Occupational Therapists that are SIPT certified (the highest training in sensory integration) and extensively trained in feeding therapy, developmental ocular-motor therapy and mental health concerns.
-Grade School, Sibling and Teen therapeutic groups & Parent Support Groups

Our center prides itself in teaching and working from a strength based approach. Our staff will embrace your child and will provide him or her with opportunities to practice new solutions. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we will provide previously isolated families the opportunity to discover their common threads, and thus rekindle their sense of community.
For more information, please call 838-8999 or go to

Infant Massage Class at Therapeutic Resources

Infant massage is a excellent way for parents and baby to bond and interact. Infant massage is beneficial for relaxation, providing relief from the discomfort of constipation or gas, improving circulation, promoting deep sleep patterns, deepening emotional connection, and stimulating growth. This 3-week series class is appropriate for parents and babies 0-6 months.

Instructor: Alisa Wagner, OTR, CIMI ®
7404 University Avenue Middleton, WI 53562

For more information: Email
To register: Call 608.270.5424

Dyslexia Tutor
Margery Katz, M. A.
(608) 238-3485
Multi-sensory, evidence-based reading instruction for children and adolescents with dyslexia. Trained in Orton-Gillingham, Overview of the Wilson Reading System and Project Read. Individualized instruction. Experienced tutor. Masters degree in Library Science. Member of the Wisconsin Dyslexia Association.

Imagine A Child’s Capacity (ICC): Imagine A Child’s Capacity’s clinic programs provide individual and group services for children in our unique sensory integration facility. We provide occupational therapy, speech therapy, learning, nutrition, and breastfeeding support services. ICC therapists embrace interdisciplinary, family-centered care. We are dedicated to utilizing the most up-to-date and innovative therapy techniques in order to serve children with a wide range of developmental disabilities, neuromotor challenges, learning disabilities, and children at risk of falling behind in school. We strive to offer each child independence and acquisition of necessary life skills. We also offer FREE parent training seminars that cover a variety of topics related to child development every month. Contact Karl Pierick, Intake Coordinator at 608.204.6247 for more information and check out our website at
Prosthetic Laboratories: We provide a full range of orthotic (braces) and prosthetic care (artificial limbs) for people of all ages, and we particularly enjoy working with children. All three of our practitioners have a good deal of experience with kids, both our patients and our own kids. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality care customized for each individual patient. We use kid-friendly materials and fun colors to help make the need for a brace or artificial limb more appealing. We also provide custom remolding helmets for infants with misshapen heads. Our casting procedure is very quick and baby-friendly. We are located at 514 River Place in Monona (just off the beltline and Monona Drive). For more information, please call 608-268-5101 or visit our website at and look for the Madison office.


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No insurance? The Madison Dept. of Public Health offers free immunizations, well child exams, WIC, Breast feeding support and counseling, preventative health clinics, and much more.