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August/September 2011:: Note from Denise::

As many of you know, I started Moms in Madison almost 7 years ago! Time does fly, doesn't it? After several years I got to the point where I wanted to update the website to include families with kids of all ages - and then I stopped. Why?

To tell you the truth, when I started Moms in Madison there were no local websites with information on classes, services, activities or events for moms. There was no online community. So I started the website and Yahoo! Group and it grew! But the past few years have brought the ease of blogs, meaning that there are now dozens of websites and blogs for local moms and "what to do" with kids. And Facebook now means every local business can communicate with their users via social media. So with all that in mind I wasn't sure if I wanted to keep doing the same thing,  if I wanted to change it, or if I wanted to let it go.

I watched the local online community for awhile, thought a bit, and decided that I wanted to keep Moms in Madison but no longer as a general central place for *everything*. With all of the blogs and websites out there today that kind of information is easy to find now (which is great). I decided I wanted to go back to my roots, so to speak. To the things which we are passionate about and are important to me as a mom.

Soooo I have been again working on the new Moms in Madison - focusing on sustainable/green/holistic family living. Crafts, art and science with kids.  Attachment parenting. Nature programs and activities.  Natural health.  Non-violent communication. Local foods. Exploring the outdoors. Green household tips. Crafting. Healthy cooking for families. Off the beaten path day trips. Slow parenting.  Creative mamas. And of course community.

So while there may still be local mama business directory, birthing, classes, activities, books - they will be streamlined to sustainable holistic living for families with kids of all ages, and include some new topics, contributing writers, and GIVEAWAYS, along with some more interactive features. More sharing, less lists. And some resources that ARE still hard to find - such as a natural health directory, resources for kids with special needs/allergies, alternative dining, and parenting for social change. All good!

So while I've been slow, it has been a deliberate slow to observe, and think, and evaluate. And that is a good thing. So, look for the new launch soon (I'm excited!!!!).  I look forward to this next phase and am excited to share it with you all.

If you are interested in contributing - via articles (I have a list of potential topics, if interested!), featured mom businesses, or giveaways - email me [email protected] (be sure to put Moms in Madison in the subject).


April 2011::



Family Fun Passport Hits Madison Area 4/1/11

Local Family businesses team up to offer discount book

03.29.2011– A new pocket sized passport featuring discounts at over 50 local family oriented businesses is debuting in Madison 4/1/11. About the size of a wallet, this handy little savings guide can be easily tucked into your back pocket or even the smallest purse.

Started from the creators of the Madcity Cocktails Drink Passport, this new Family Fun Passport delivers big savings for parents around the Madison Area. Packed full of buy 1 get 1 free admissions, birthday party discounts, and even free kids meals, this little book can save parents over $3,000. Valid for an entire year, from 4/1/1 through 4/1/12, there is ample time to save each parent well over their $14.95 investment.

Using the book is so easy, even children can help. Families simply show their book to each business, get their Family Fun Passport “stamped”, and receive their discount immediately. It's that easy!

Plus, kids will love seeing their passport being filled with colorful stamps showing all the places they "toured" with their parents throughout the year. More importantly, parents will love the great discounts at all the local family attractions and businesses.

Some of the Family Fun Passport partnering businesses include Vitense Golfland, Cave of the Mounds, Madison Children's Museum, Henry Vilas Zoo, Pump It Up, Hitters Sports, Legacy Academy and other age appropriate establishments. A complete list of all businesses and each of their TWO discounts is available on the website.

A perfect gift for Mothers Day, Fathers Day or any family day, Family Fun Passports can be purchased at all participating businesses and at www.familyfunpassport.com.

Local groups are encouraged to contact us for their own fund raising opportunity by emailing [email protected] or calling direct at 608-335-1369. Elementary schools and fund raising groups can earn up to $5 per book sale for their organization.

A Portion of the proceeds goes to benefit the Ronald McDonald House of Madison.



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