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I am always adding more articles, links and information, as well as local parenting classes! I myself generally am an AP (attachment parenting) mom, so my parenting links and resources will be in that vein. Everyone finds the parenting style that fits for them, and that makes them and their children happy. There are many classes, events and resources in Madison for AP parents. If you have any links for great supportive and peaceful parenting sites, please send them to me! I'd love to add to this list.

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speech & general development

At, coach Dolores Kokinos combines self development, personal empowerment, behavior education and parenting theory to provide a comprehensive resource to today's parents and youth. She knows being a great parent goes far beyond knowing effective discipline strategies. Dolores takes a comprehensive look at all aspects of your life and your child's life
before offering a parenting plan. It's never a one-size-fits all solution. She applies the Law of Attraction in her coaching to help parents create the life they want for their family. As a single parent of three children that she home schools, Dolores understands the challenges in raising and educating children. Dolores can be reached at 608-221-2775 or

Communication Sensation LLC, owned by Jackie Carter M.S. CCC-SLP, provides evaluation and treatment in the areas of speech and language. Services also include testing and remediation for reading disabilities, including dyslexia. Jackie is a certified and licensed speech-language pathologist and trained dyslexia specialist. She also has Hanen certification to provide training programs for parents on how to develop language within their preschoolers. She works not only with individual families but in many school districts as well, as a clinician, consultant, and speaker. She has passion for her work with children and empathy for their parents as she, herself, is a parent of a young son
with special needs. Jackie has extensive training and experience in the areas of speech intelligibility, Down syndrome and autism. Parents with whom she has worked testify to her dedication and expertise in working with their children. To find out more about Communication Sensation go to Jackie may be contacted by e-mail at or by phone at (262) 949-4119. She works with families in Madison and all surrounding areas

Imagine A Child’s Capacity (ICC): Imagine A Child’s Capacity’s clinic programs provide individual and group services for children in our unique sensory integration facility. We provide occupational therapy, speech therapy, learning, nutrition, and breastfeeding support services. ICC therapists embrace interdisciplinary, family-centered care. We are dedicated to utilizing the most up-to-date and innovative therapy techniques in order to serve children with a wide range of developmental disabilities, neuromotor challenges, learning disabilities, and children at risk of falling behind in school. We strive to offer each child independence and acquisition of necessary life skills. We also offer FREE parent training seminars that cover a variety of topics related to child development every month. Contact Karl Pierick, Intake Coordinator at 608.204.6247 for more information and check out our website at

Birth To Three Programs - Do you have a child under the age of 3? Are you concerned about his/her development? Birth to Three is a program that will evaluate your child for free to help determine if he/she has a delay. Areas that we test can include motor, communication, social skills, problem solving, sensory and feeding. We also work with kids who have diagnoses such as down syndrome, autism, and cerebral palsy. Services include Speech Therapy, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Early Childhood Teachers. There are two programs in Dane County. Birth to Three Connections, administered by United Cerebral Palsy, works with families who reside outside the Madison school district. Contact Elizabeth Solomon at 273-3232 x 321. Bridges for Families, administered by Integrated Community Connections, works with families living in the Madison school district. Contact Karl Pierick at 204-6247.

Dear Madison parents,

We are the Infant Learning Lab at UW-Madison. Located at the Waisman Center near
UW-Hospital, we study how infants learn language, and also how they learn about music. Our studies are quick and fun for both parents and babies. We are currently seeking parents of 6- to 18- month-old infants to participate in our research (parents of younger babies are welcome to contact us as well). We provide free parking next to the building, and baby-sitters to play with siblings during the study, which lasts 10-20 minutes. More information is available at:

Current studies are investigating questions including:
- How do babies learn the sounds of their native language?
- Do babies remember voices?
- Do babies remember how pictures and words are paired in storybooks?
- What can infants learn from just 10 minutes of Russian exposure?
- When infants hear music, do they move to the rhythm? and many others.

To schedule an appointment or to learn more, call 263-5876 or email

Thanks for your interest,
Professor Jenny Saffran, Department of Psychology & Waisman Center,

general parenting & new baby

Baby and Family Wellness Class. To help new parents feel supported and confident in parenting while maximizing their own health. Topics include nutrition, breastfeeding, herbs and supplements, sleep issues, more. Open to families with infants under a year old. Facilitated by Keyena McKenzie and Jaala Spiro. (608) 662-5090.

Happy Bambino- Paarenting classes, workshops and support groups. Topics include pregnancy, cloth diapers, breastfeeding, compassionate parenting, attachment parenting, and more. Call (608) 204-6147.

Attachment Parenting International - Janesville currently has the only Attachment Parenting International affiliated group in the state of Wisconsin which is only a short drive from Madison proper. For information, contact Chole White @ [email protected] -sponsor, Janesville API 608-225-9106

Madison Birth Center - Offers classes for pregnancy, birth, post partum and mothers support groups.

Madison Parents of Children with Asthma and Allergies. For meeting information, contact Barb Wells at [email protected] or (608) 846-0861



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